Something is born, and somethIng dies away.

Blockages and obstacles to being vulnerable.

During the voyage of discovery,

it is not the new landscapes that you see

but the new eyes that you bring back.

Thinking is confusing, feeling is accurate.

My passions are listening and talking to people, learning about livelihoods and understanding/making social change.

Reconnect with passions and the person who I want to be.

Identifying yourself to what you do, instead of who you are.

Mourning of what is being extinct

and enjoy the promise of the butterfly.

Thank you for your love and protection; for feeling vulnerable, as you comfort me emotionally. Thank you for sharing intellectual discusions and taking me as an interlocutor.

Please, help me be a better mother, give me enough patience, love and tenderness. The strength to say many times: “I love you” and demostrate that she is the most important person in the world.

What should I do?

Will I have enough wisdom and listening attention to understand, to be in their shoes and reverse roles?

Don’t be a perfectionists, let go and don’t try to control everything.

My head is saying, my heart is feeling.

Listen with the heart. Speak from the heart.

The soul is hidden, and it’s only through the heart, through the open heart that the whispering voice starts talking. Do you want to listen.

Feel part of the great adventure.

New leadership for ethics and sustainability.

North – Integrity, strength, community, ancestors, MIND.

East – Dawn, new possibilities, innocence, new beginnings, staying always young and foul, SPIRIT.

South – warmth, passion, lust, love, place of the heart, finding our essence, wild magical child, creativity, HEART.

West – mystery, shadow, difficult to understand, transition from day to night, symbols, poetry, SOUL.

Talk to your wounded child: it’s OK, it’s safe. It will be OK, I will protect you, I’m here with you, I love you.

Talk to your loyal solider; connect with your wounded child; spend and play with your wild child, connect to him/her and let him/her emerge.

Talk to the other parts that you don’t normally talk to: your body, your heart.

Use your nurturing parent to help/console your loyal soldier.

Confusion is the threshold of a new beginning.

Make friends with the dreams that didn’t happen.

Reconnect with your magic and full life. How to go back to the what made you happy?

Challenge the part of you that’s keeping you in a place where you don’t want to go.

Reconnect to hear my soul and have it talk to me.

Recover your soul, your innocence. Forgive.

Pide esto: consuélame, protégeme, quiéreme, ámame, deséame, excítame, abrázame, déjame acercarme a ti.

Lo que me hacía feliz: mojarme en la lluvia, jugar, imaginar y soñar en la alberca, las margaritas, las guayabas, comerlas y sentirlas, jugar, aprender, esconderse, sentir, mandarinas en el frontón.

I was a wounded body, always with scratches, scars and bleeding knees. At 5, a volcanic rock fell over my leg and an accident that left me with blood and scars for many years. At 7, a deep wound in my bleeding head. At 12, a very big accident with my bike.

They bullied me, they hurt me but they didn’t made me less. I should stop apologizing to be accepted, to belong and to like the others. My wounded child doesn’t want to get abused, heart-broken, wants to be accepted.

¿Cómo reconectarme? Viajar a las islas griegas y la costa de Turquía en el Egeo, en el otoño/septiembre; oir opera en las ruinas romanas, pedirle a mi papá que me regale libros de poesía.

Playful child of me: jugar con agua, correr en campos de flores, jugar tenir y reirme de lo mala que soy, reirme con amigos, sonreir y reir otro poco más, ir al Chico.

Recuperar la postal de Picasso, y cómo sonreía el empezar El Colegio. Jugar con Julia, ser feliz, inocentemente feliz.